System Architects & Management

Jerome (B. Econ - SU)

Has practical management experience in consumer goods as well as hands on supply chain planning experience. He has SCP software implementation experience with companies such as BP, Shell, Kimberley Clark, Tetra Pak and others. Jerome was responsible for development of the DIA Integrator application. 

Stephen (N. Dip CPUT Software Engineering)

Prior to that, he studied Electrical Engineering at Stellenbosch University. Responsible for overall technical management and back-end design of our products.

Malcolm (PhD - UCT Information Systems)

Malcolm is responsible for the technical development of our Demand Driven application. Malcolm lectures on Enterprise Architecture at UWC. 

Carl (PhD SU) Biochemistry plus 2 years post-doctoral research.

Carl specialises in advanced scientific programming and Machine Learning. For his PhD he developed a suite of software tools to mimic metabolic demand and supply processes. He is the author of the DIA optimisation Engine as well as our anomaly detection and Classic forecasting application. 

Jamie (BA Socio Informatics SU - study of the dynamics of the global knowledge society and information technology) 

Jamie joined us directly out of university 8 years ago. He worked on many of our implementations testing functionality and data. He has experience designing and building web applications with a number of technologies. He is responsible for Front-End design of the DIA applications. 

Carl F

Carl started his career in information systems with ICL and has held various senior IT positions with a number of large organisations including the IDC, AMIC, Rembrandt, and IDV (Gilbeys). Before establishing Demand Integration Africa, he held the position of Logistics Planning Executive. Carl is responsible for sales and marketing.