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Demand Integration 

We are a Cape Town based business established in 1998. We marketed, implemented and consulted for Supply Chain Planning Solutions on behalf of a USA based principal in Africa as far afield as Egypt as well as the Middle East.

Many of our 30 plus implementations during this period were for large international businesses with multi-billion-dollar revenues.

We also worked on implementations in Europe and the USA and developed custom data transformation/Integration software for many businesses that is still used in various parts of the globe.

At the start of the Covid 19 Lockdown in 2020, our highly skilled and well qualified team, with more than 100 years combined experience in Supply Chain Planning and ICT decided to build our own SCP applications. We completed writing, testing and user documentation in early March 2021.

The experience in supply Chain Planning gained over a long time (and energy although some days were challenging) allowed us to design and write what we always believed users preferred and needed in Supply Chain Planning software especially in midsize companies. 

Three of our main goals were simplicity while providing advanced solutions, ongoing ML research, up to date technology and keeping cost of ownership low so cost benefits will be realized.

25 years experience implementing Supply Chain planning Solutions in these industries

demand integration africa industries

Wine & Spirits

demand integration africa industries

Food & Dairy

demand integration africa industries

Oil & Chemical

demand integration africa industries

Sporting Goods

demand integration africa industries


demand integration africa industries

Soft Drinks

demand integration africa industries


demand integration africa industries

Bearings & Industrial

demand integration africa industries


demand integration africa industries

Gaming & ITC

demand integration africa industries

Intimate Apparel

What our Customers Say

“I have been the Planning Manager at Edward Snell & Co since late 2004, and priority one was the implementation of an integrated business planning process. 

Time has proved that it is the business process around the software, attention to the resource settings and the support of the service provider for customization and guidance that makes all the difference.

We have been supported by Demand Integration Africa (DIA) and ours has been a journey of continuous improvement with the DIA team.” 

Anthony Briton 

Edward Snell & Co (April 2021)

“There are some structural changes going on with our existing software vendor which make the future (software) support relationships unclear but we will follow the DIA team ahead of any particular software.

If this does not say enough, I have interacted personally with Carl from time to time over the past 17 years and have always appreciated his enthusiasm for his products and his team, his very honest and straightforward approach, and our ability to come to an agreement that works for both parties. I value our relationship with him highly.”

You are welcome to contact me should you require any further information.”

Neil Proudfoot

Operations Director (April 2021)

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