Our Mission

We're obsessed with delivering the Best Customer Experience combining Simplicity, Usability, Flexibility and Short implementation time with a best-in-class pricing structure for a real return on investment.

Our Solutions


Demand Planning and Collaboration app offering forecasts in Weeks or Months.

It's a powerful forecasting tool using classic forecasting methodologies and Machine Learning. Enlighten is the perfect choice for your forecasting needs.

Create Multi-Dimensional classification of products to determine Volume & Frequency of sales to better manage forecasting and planning.

Create a custom setup for a business simply by adding any data attributes as well as additional periodic data streams.

Enlighten is a powerful and flexible, easy to use planning tool using built in simplicity that'll allow you to more accurately plan and better manage your inventory, operations, and growth. 


Time phased planning for simple or complex multi-level hierarchies using forecasts generated by Enlighten.

Execute will create optimal plans to manage Inventory, produce purchase plans, supply plans for distribution between warehouses, calculate raw material requirements and output master production schedules.

A powerful, fully visual data filtering methodology provides users with standard and custom alerts to hone in on planning issues such as overdue deliveries and expected stockouts.

Dashboards to track performance of KPI’s for inventory plans and targets such as desired ending inventory and stock turns with comparisons to previous periods. 


Do you have enough capacity and material to Execute the Master Production Schedule?

Your supply planning system comes up with a “perfect plan” – tells you what to distribute and what to make only to be frustrated by a shortage of capacity or materials at the production level.

Determine what should be produced in a constrained material and/or high-level capacity environment to achieve the most effective result, keeping in mind that customer orders will be filled first.

Optimize will make sure sales and marketing aren't blindsided by a sudden lack of inventory, helping you avoid the costs associated with missed opportunities.


The ultimate tool for fine-tuning your inventory.

You've forecasted sales and have a solid S&OP plan in place, but what about the unexpected? Forecasts are never 100% accurate, and unexpected events can leave you with too much or too little inventory. 

Safety stock is the answer, but do you know how much to hold and what it will cost you if you get it wrong? Strategize removes the guesswork with its simulation capabilities.

With Strategize, you can run simulations based on multi-dimensional inventory classification and customer service requirements. 
The software takes into account the costs associated with holding inventory to give you an accurate estimate of what your safety stock will cost. Say goodbye to manual calculations and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your inventory will meet your customers' needs.

Get Strategize today and take control of your inventory.