Best Priced Supply Chain Planning Software on the Market

To calculate our best price for you we need certain information such as number of SKU's, level at which you want to forecast e.g. product code / customer / location, and so on.

Flexible Hosting

We are flexible in respect of how you host our applications:

Host our products on your own hardware and infrastructure. SME organizations with smaller datasets and only a few users can run our software on a powerful in-house PC. We have tested this with great success.

Companies using their own hardware buy a perpetual license and a bi-annual fee for software support and upgrades. You will require Windows or Windows Server and MS SQL Server.


Infrastructure as a Service model. You contract with the cloud" provider directly and pay a one-time fee for a perpetual license and a bi-annual fee for software support and upgrades. 


Software as a Service model. We provide all services via a cloud provider with monthly payments for a minimum 24 month contract.

Contact us to build an expected Returns and Cash Flow model based on information you provide.

Return On Investment

Even Small Improvements Provide Great Returns

36 Month Projection Saas 

50M Annual Revenue
1% Customer Service Improvement
1 Stock Turn Improvement
+ - 210 000K Cumulitive Investment
+ - 460 000K Cashflow
+ - 670 000K Cumulitive Benefit