Completely web based using a combination of appropriate tools. The backend is MS SQL Server. Navigation and general use is intuitive and fast.

All functions including process sequences are incorporated into online help. Contact us for more technology information.


One size does not fit all. Our solutions incorporate all the basic requirements of a modern Supply Chain Planning System but every business has specific requirements. We research these and add as required.

This could range from artificial intelligence based promotions planning “Alerts”, dashboards specific to your business or a high level S&OP model.

Data Requirements

Data to drive our product can be sourced from anywhere. Where API’s are available for sourcing data from an ERP system we can employ them. Alternatively, source data can be “dumped” into a number of different file formats which is then updated into our staging tables.

Over many years and implementations, we have learnt that there are always issues with Master and Missing Data out of various source systems. Our software includes a technical process to manage incoming data (stored into our staging tables) We “audit” for incorrect or missing data.

Users are afforded an opportunity to manage incoming data before they update the relevant modules. This eliminates, to a large extent, wasted effort and time and the integrity of planning outputs is maintained.

Project Management, Implementation & Training

You can manage your own implementation with guidance from us or we will undertake this function and implement a complete working model with minimal effort by the customer. 

Our rates are more competitive than those charged in the US or Europe.