Forget about spreadsheets & complicated software, with Enlighten you can successfully manage your Demand Planning and Collaboration with your management, sales team and customers. It is a true web system that can be accessed from wherever there is an internet connection.

Demand Planning

Simplicity does not mean ignoring technologies such as Machine Learning (ML)
Where appropriate, Enlighten uses both Classic and ML forecast methodologies. Users don't have to configure complex sets of data or build the algorithms.


A range of graphical analytics is available. For example; compare classic forecasting methods vs ML forecasts, allowing you to make more informed decisions.

Display absolute error, MAPE, bias and normalized metrics, see multi-dimensional
item classifications, customer ranking and forecast waterfall reports.

High Level Data Views

The application is based on a fully visual data filtering methodology that allows users to search using any relevant data attribute in the system and get answers immediately.

It is not necessary for users to make specific data views using Boolean logic, such as and/or and so on.

Aggregation and disaggregation is done in real-time.

Events & Promotions

Enlighten caters for static and moving events with upper and lower windows to control buy-in and sell-out periods.
Promotions management is custom designed for your set of circumstances.


Different levels of collaboration are easily managed.
Your team and customers can only see and adjust what they are responsible for so there is no confusion and the workflow is more efficient.


Multiple Planning Methodologies

Choose between Time Phased Planning or Demand Driven Planning.
The DD model includes some of our own innovations such as "looking forward" beyond the lead time period and uses forecasts to determine future uplifts based on upcoming events or scheduled promotions. 



Execute includes Bills of Material for Raw Material Planning, Alerts and Expedite information.
Master Production scheduling can be output to our high level capacity and material planning application or to any other planning system.

Inventory Management

Graphic Analytics to help you manage Inventory. Track historical and future Gross Margin, Inventory Turns and Target Inventory values.

Use our visual data filtering methodology to highlight under and over stocks, overdue receipts, possible stockouts. Refine searches by multi-level product classification and see inventory levels across all locations.

Raw Material

Execute includes multi-level bills of Material as well as "kitting" BOM's for production planning. Drill down to see what finished products use a particular material.

Distribution and Supply Planning

Distribution and Supply Chain planning is hard to do in a dynamic environment. There are constraints and issues that can't be accounted for with traditional approaches, like lack of resources, limited production capabilities, and unpredictable demand.

Execute solves this by providing a more fluid platform that allows you to distribute inventory more dynamically, create robust plans with your supply chain partners, and optimize supply chain performance. 


High Level Capacity and Material Planning

Stop hoping that production will be able to make all your past due and current
production orders when you pass them your Master Production Schedule (MPS).

Don't wait tor the S&OP meeting to find out there is not enough capacity or Raw material tor specific products. Optimize will give you a heads-up of shortages before you finalize your MPS.



Optimize solves shortages based on priorities that you have chosen as part of the system setup. Customer Orders past due and current can be given maximum priority. You can also force certain products to be made based on adjustable priority ratings. 

Manage Requirements

Optimize will minimize capacity issues by moving orders to alternate production lines or work centers (if they exist) in the same production location.

Optimize outputs a record of original requirements and shows what can be made. It also outputs a list of material shortages that should be expedited.


How much Safety Stock should you hold?

How do you determine how much safety stock to hold in a time-phased planning environment? Do you make arbitrary decisions, for instance; we never want to run out of stock of X products so let’s hold x weeks of forward sales OR some complicated method that’s onerous to use. Or Excel?

How we Calculate Safety Stock?

Safety Stock or Safety Time is based on customer service level requirements, forecast accuracy as well as lead time.

Our Forecasting application automatically chooses the best forecast outcomes between Machine Learning and Classic Forecasting.
At the same time, it calculates a multi-dimensional classification of products by frequency of sales and relative importance to the bottom line.

Our Machine Learning also provides Demand Sensing for the recent past so it identifies new sales trends early in the product life cycle.

Executing Strategize

Calculating Safety Stock is not only about the number of units. You also need to know what the associated costs will be. You can’t spend weeks to come up with the right numbers.

Strategize is a simulation tool, built into our planning application that allows you to review alternatives in seconds and you choose which results you want to update into your planning system.


Align & Optimize Demand & Supply Plans 

Synchronize is an integral component for Integrated Business Planning.  
Its core functionality lies in reflecting your Current Demand Plans and coordinating them with the essential supply components necessary to fulfill those plans.

In summary, synchronize serves as a valuable tool by offering high-level tracking information crucial for monitoring and aligning with business plans, budgets, and related processes.

Test Strategies

SYNCHRONIZE allows companies to test the effect of different demand strategies on their business, due to internal or external influences, of changes
in the forecast in ‘real-time’, such as adding / changing promotional activity and see the impact on inventory, and other key metrics immediately.

Multiple Planning Scenarios

SYNCHRONIZE allows users to run multiple demand planning scenarios whenever a business requires, even daily. The results and effects are calculated in simulation mode and do not affect your live planning systems. 

Gain Company-Level Insights

SYNCHRONIZE delivers comprehensive analytics across your entire supply chain, providing visibility into company-wide performance.

Track key metrics, identify trends, and make strategic decisions that benefit the entire organization.